Rob Byer –“Things Change"

Casual Gypsies – “Crazy Places we Take Ourselves"

Dave Chappell - "Dave Chappell"

Ashleigh Chevalier - “From the Soles"

Gina DeLuca – “Angel"
Gina DeLuca – “Blue Eyed Soul"

Tony Denikos - “Under The Church"

Steve Ducey – “Trust Your Stars"

Chris Dudley – “Lovely Daze"

Karen England – “Every Moment"

The Chuck Field Project - “Corner Of The Sky"

Carl Filipiak – “Hotel real"
Carl Filipiak – “Looking Forward, Looking back"

Fink and Marxer - "Dancin' In The Kitchen"

Global Percussion Trio – “Global Percussion Trio"

Paul Iwancio – “Open Heart Stories"

Georgie Jessup – “Woman In A Man’s Suit"

Christine Lavin -“One Meat Ball"

Lorrie Kasparek –“Down To Earth"

Andrew Lawrence – “Point Of Contact"

Majesty Twelve –“ Non-Fiction"
Majesty Twelve - “Save It Up"

Howard Markman – “Half Smiles Blue Skies"
Howard Markman - “Welcome To Smallitimore"

Alicia Maxwell - “Get Your Priorities Staight"

Milk Shake – “Happy Songs"
Milk shake – “Bottle of Sunshine"

Jeff Miller - “Time Ticks By"

John LT - “Suburban Superstar"

Ruben Montoya – “Home"

Morrigan –“Unbearably Sweet"

Naked Blue – “Wish"
Naked Blue – “Shaving Lucky"
Naked Blue – “Thursday, October 21"
Naked Blue – “Five by Five"

Linda Nelson – “Molasses"
Linda Nelson – “Wilderness"
Linda Nelson - “Might"

Never Never – “Tribute I"
Never Never – “Tribute II"

Ornamusement – “Chasing The Muse"

Diane Postel – “What I Got To Say"

Jimmy Pritchard – “Shoppin’ For The Blues"

Rude Dog – “Baptism In Blue"

Alec Scott – “Fables of Freedom"

Eric Scott – “Let’s Hear It For The Fools"
Eric Scott – “Red"
Eric Scott - “Where The Water Runs Deepest"

Second Chance - “Salvaage"

Doug Segree – “One Night Only"

Shady – “World"

Jason Siemer – “Life of Me"

Debi Smith – “Cupid"

Susan Souza - “Tomorrow’s Another Day"

Stephanie Wilde – “Cool Water"

Mary Sue Twohy – “Song To Hang on Stars"

Sam Weiser - “Sam I Am"

Willbilly – “Willbilly or Won’t He"

Tomy Wright – “Tomy, One ‘M’"

Matt Zimermman - “The Flood Trust"


Carl Filipiak - "Rock/Fusion Improvising" (Book and CD)

Tim Kobza –“ Blues Guitar Lessons" (Book and CD)

John Thomakos - "Drumset Styles Encyclopedia" (Book and CD)
John Thomakos - "Drum Backbeats Encyclopedia" (Book and CD)

Shea Welsh - "Blues Guitar Lessons - Vol. 1" (Book and CD)
Shea Welsh - "Blues Guitar Lessons - Vol. 2" (Book and CD)


 Discovery Channel
 The Young And The Restless (CBS)
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 Brooklyn South (CBS Television show)
 That’s Life (CBS Televisions show)
 Homicide (NBC Television show)
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